Youth Development and Elite Golf Programs for ages  6-18

Our Youth Development Program is divided into 4 Levels.  The levels are determined by a combination of age, skill, and the goals of the student.  We have recommended ages for each Level, but players can place into a higher level regardless of age if their skill level, maturity level, and desire are appropriate for that Level.  The only exception to this is our Level 1 program.  We do not currently accept students younger than 6 into our group classes.  

Level 1 is a 6-week course that is run at various times throughout the year.  Levels 2, 3, and 4 are run in longer 3-6 month sessions, one in the Summer and one during the Winter.  Completing one session at any given level does not mean the student must advance to the next level right away.  Students remain in their current Level until both parents and the instructors agree they are ready to advance.  All of the Levels are designed to be repeated for 1 or more years before moving up.  Development is a process that occurs over long periods of time.  

Level 1 starts with the basics and fundamentals of the game.  Drivers, Irons, Putting, and Chipping are all covered.  While we do put an emphasis on learning these basics and improving, at this level having fun and playing games is just as important.  We want to help facilitate a love for the game as well as learning and growth.

Level 2 continues to build strong basics and fundamentals, but starts to move beyond into other aspects of the game.  Drivers, Irons, Wedges, Pitching, Bunkers, Chipping, and Putting are all covered.  We also put an emphasis on developing speed in Level 2.  Hitting the ball farther is not only fun, it has a huge impact on your scores!  Along with speed also comes the ability to control speed and distance and choose the right club for the right shot.

Level 3 is where we start to put more of an emphasis on competition.  Most of our Level 3 students are preparing to play High School Golf and/or summer tournament golf.  Instead of just learning the basics and fundamentals of each shot, now we want students to start to master those shots and execute them time after time.  Students will be particularly challenged to develop their short games, as this has a major impact on scoring.  We also continue to develop speed and distance.

Level 4 is our highest Level of training for golfers who have not yet graduated high school.  This program is a large commitment for both the student as well as the instructors!  We cover every aspect of the game, including the mental, emotional, and strategic parts.  We want our players in complete control of their minds and bodies on the golf course so that they have the greatest chance for success.  While it is certainly not required, many of our Level 4 students have an interest in playing college golf.  While we do not guarantee results, we will do whatever we can to help our students reach their goals, and many of our past students have gone on to play at DIV I, II, and III schools as well as NAIA.    


If you have questions or are looking to register for one of the programs, please contact us at (309) 825-2000 or at