Get Ready To Improve

The Elite Golf Training Program started in 2013 as a way of providing more complete and comprehensive instruction to young golfers who wanted to play at the high school or college level and beyond.  The program combines technical training (includes putting, short game, and full swing training) with strategy and mental game training to prepare golfers to perform their best. Since then the program has been expanded to provide the same benefits to Adult golfers as well as a younger group of golfers who are still a few years away from high school golf.  The Elite Program currently provides a mix of individual instruction and group instruction to be able to train all areas of the game effectively and efficiently.

All Elite Programs have Summer Sessions from May-August and Winter Sessions that start and end at various times between November and May.  Upcoming sessions will be posted below.  Please contact us at or (309) 825-2000 for more information or to register!

Summer Elite

Next Program Begins Mid May


3 month program runs from May through the middle of August

Next Program Begins Mid may

3 month program runs from May to middle of August