The new Youth Development Program is the result of combining our more casual jr golf classes with our more advanced Elite Training Program to create one complete program for junior golfers that will range from ages 6-18, providing a smooth transition as players advance in age and skill.  The program consists of 4 levels.  Players will be recommended a starting level based off of age, skill, and past participation in our instruction programs if applicable.  Players younger than the recommended age can move up to higher levels with instructor permission.  Skill level, competitive desire, and maturity will all be considered when instructors consider moving a student up a level.

We are increasing our emphasis in two areas in particular in our training.

1)  Speed and distance has become an incredibly important factor in competitive golf in recent years.  Therefore we will be including speed training in all of our group lessons in all levels of the program, with age appropriate speed drills.

2)  Performance and outcome, particularly in Levels 3 and 4 but also beginning in Level 2.  Full swing technique will be reserved almost exclusively for private lessons for Levels 3 and 4, while executing desired outcomes will become a large focus in group lessons.

To help us evaluate outcomes better in an indoor environment, we are adding new technologies to our facility that will allow us to make more meaningful skills assessments.  Players in Levels 3 and 4 will also be able to use these new technologies during their Technology Training Time outside of group lessons.

For the past 6+ years we have committed ourselves to providing the best training program for young golfers in Central Illinois.  The changes to our program this year reflect that commitment as our observations and experiences have helped us shape what we know will be a more effective and efficient training program.

Level 1 (Ages 6-12)
Level 2 (recommended ages 10-13)
Level 3 (recommended ages 13-16)
Level 4 (recommended ages 14-18)

Summer Program INformation Will be Coming Soon!