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Professional Players

“I would recommend Rick to any level of golfer from a Tour player to a high handicapper.”

Peter Jacobsen/ 7-Time PGA Tour WInner and 2-Time Champions Tour Major Winner

“I can’t recommend anyone more strongly than Rick.  He helped me accomplish my dream of playing the PGA Tour.”

D.A. Points/3-Time PGA Tour Winner

Famous Teachers

“Through his outstanding work with golfers of all levels, but in particular, players of the highest level, Rick has demonstrated a thorough understanding of not just the golf swing but the entire game and how to play it.”

Jim Hardy

2007 National PGA Teacher of the Year

“In the times I have both taught with and observed Rick teach, he possesses the unique quality of quickly diagnosing impact and provides an immediate solution the student can understand and execute.”

Stan Utley

Ranked #9 Teacher by Golf Digest Magazine

Amateur Golfers

“As a serious golfer for 20+ years, I thought I had maximized the output of my swing. I realized quickly that was not true after a few lessons with Rick. His forward thinking and ability to understand what I was “feeling” in my swing opened up unrealized potential. I look forward to continuing to work with him.”

–  Lance L.

Elite Golf Training Program

We Highly Recommend the RSE Golf Training Program

Rob Started Rick Sellers Elite (RSE) Training after his freshman year (high school) and the results were immediate.  He now understands his swing, has learned drills to improve practice, and gained confidence through his sessions with Rick.

-Dave W. (Rob’s Father) / Rob won the 2017-2018 NCAA Division III Phil Mickelson Outstanding Freshman Award and also finished 2nd Place in the 2018 Illinois State Amateur Championship

The RSE Program provided a training framework for my daughter to improve her score from 120 into the 90’s in 12 weeks.  She transitioned from a struggling new golfer to a competitor enjoying the game.

-Art F.

Anytime Pass at Rick Sellers Golf Center

“To any area golfers who drive by the Rick Sellers sign on Hamilton Road, and wonder what it is about, I did the same thing for many months. I am so happy I made the decision to contact Rick and set up a time to look around. I was very pleasantly surprised as soon as I stepped through the doors. This is what I had in mind for 20 years. I bought a 365 day pass on the first day. That was several months ago. Since that time, I have stopped in on an average of 5 visits per week. All members have their own key-fob. The building is very clean, very secure including security cameras at all times. There is plenty of room. This allows me to stop by for 20 minutes instead of eating lunch, and hit everything from driver to putter. I have never been in this good of pre-season form. I also draw relaxation and relief from stress during the workday. My visit has become a daily habit that I truly look forward to.  I have also taken a few lessons from Rick, and I am very pleased with the results. I knew the lessons would be good, like they always are, but I am really enthusiastic about the 24 hour a day facility.” – Steve L.

“The unlimited use of the MEVO launch monitor with the annual pass at Rick Seller’s Golf Academy has been a tremendous help to my game.  MEVO gives you carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash, vertical launch angle, spin, height, and flight time all on a downloadable app on your phone (IOS or Android).  This data is stored on your phone, tablet or iPad for later review.  One aspect of my game where the MEVO has been a tremendous aid is knowing the distance of each club in my bag at full swing or less.  For example, I now know my 60 degree lob wedge at full swing gives me a distance of 60 yards and my 50 degree gap wedge at the same swing is 90 yards.  My 55 degree sand wedge produces a distance mid-way between the lob and the gap wedges.  My wedge game has improved so much from practicing with MEVO I feel as confident or more with a wedge shot than I do a chip shot closer to the green.”

Steve K.